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Easing The Delays In Obtaining A Grant Of Probate

Easing The Grant Of Probate Delays

A Grant of Probate is required in order to be able to administer the estate of a loved one after they have passed on.

A Grant of Probate is required in order to administer the estate of a loved one, in the majority of cases, after they have passed on. This is also true even where there is a Will in place. Unfortunately, there are currently Grant of Probate Delays. This Court application process is completed by the deceased's Executors, although many people are choosing to use professional Executors, as certain areas of the Probate and Estate Administration can be difficult to follow and, at times, very challenging.


Delays in Probate

Over the past couple of years an issue with applying for Probate has been the time taken for the Grant to be issued by the Court. There are lengthy delays across the UK and, unfortunately, they don’t look like easing in the near future. These delays often cause frustration and upset for grieving families. The average time for a Grant of Probate to be issued is currently over 16 weeks which means Estate Administration could take between nine months and a year, with more complicated estates taking longer still.


There are measures which can be taken, which may not speed the process up, but help in avoiding further delays. Having a full understanding of the responsibilities and actions required of an Executor prior to starting will be of benefit. As will ensuring that all information required has been gathered together. Applying promptly to the Court helps, however applying promptly with full knowledge of the assets and liabilities of the estate is better and avoids corrections after the Grant has been issued.


Inheritance Tax

Not many people are aware that any Inheritance Tax liability has to be paid before the application, or that statuary notices have to be published. This is why more people are making use of Professional Executors to complete the administration of an estate.


Professionals understand what is required and how information is best submitted. They deal regularly with all the officials involved and are in a better position to follow up on a process and learn why there may be delays. The knowledge and experience of a Professional Executor can mean that many potential delays are avoided all together.


Whichever route is taken it is wise to be both prepared and patient as a year long wait is now more likely than not, if not longer.