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The Northwood Banks team and colleagues supporting Alzheimer's Society.

Supporting Alzheimer’s Society

Did you know that around one million people in the UK have dementia? Or that this figure is likely to rise to 1.6 million in less than 20 years?

On average one person develops dementia every three minutes, and currently there is no cure. One in three people born today will develop dementia in their lifetime. Many are undiagnosed and do not receive the support they need and deserve. 


Our colleagues at Simpler Law have chosen the Alzheimer's Society as their official charity of the year and are hoping to raise much-needed funds for this worthwhile cause. The target, working alongside ourselves and other colleagues in The HAIG Legal Group and Fidelis Legal Services, is to raise £5,000 by the end of the year.


Fundraising began shortly before the end of 2023 with the Group joining in the Alzheimer's Charity Elf Day. Our generous staff donated nearly £300 from across all the companies. There are many other plans lined up throughout the year and Simpler Law will be making a donation of £1.00 for each Family & Estate Will they sell through certain sources.


Alice Grewcock, East Midlands Community Fundraiser for Alzheimer’s Society said:

“We are so grateful that Simpler Law have chosen to support Alzheimer’s Society as their first ever charity of the year. Their fundraising will help us to provide vital support for people affected by dementia. Too many face dementia alone but every £10 donated, could mean someone gets the support they need by providing that first telephone conversation with one of our Dementia Advisers.

Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer. Alzheimer’s Society is here for everyone affected by dementia, for practical advice, emotional support, and guidance for the best next step. Our website has a wealth of information including an online symptoms checklist, endorsed by the Royal College of GPs. For more information visit:”


We take our duty of care very seriously when dealing with our clients. This means we ensure that the people we are dealing with have what is known as ‘testamentary capacity’. This legal term effectively means that the person involved has to have an understanding of what they are asking for and the process involved.


Alzheimer's, and other forms of dementia, can deeply affect someone’s ‘testamentary capacity’, and is therefore something we need to be very aware of when working with our clients. We are hoping that as well as raising money for the charity we will also benefit from the insights the Alzheimer’s Charity have into dementia, improving our client care.


If you would like to help Simpler Law reach their target please donate, if you are able, at their dedicated Just Giving page here.